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What is Ethereum? | It’s Price, Value, Wallet & Investment

What is Ethereum? | It’s Price, Value, Wallet & Investment

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open-sourced public platform for cryptocurrencies, based on blockchain technology. It was launched in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin. Ethereum is the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency platform after bitcoins.

Are you new to the concept of Ethereum?

Well, then there’s nothing to worry about. You are exactly where you should be. Given below are the details to help you in knowing everything about it.

Understanding Ethereum in Detail

It is a system-software that has revolutionized the internet era. It serves as a platform for the trade and transaction of over 2,60,000 cryptocurrencies including, Ether.

You might be wondering as to how has it actually revolutionized the internet era?

The answer to this is here:

It serves as a common platform where:

  • Everyone has access to an open financial system.
  • Financial transactions are commonly done.
  • It is not controlled by any individual or company, with an open-access infrastructure.
  • It provides security to your data or stock by preventing it from theft or spy by other apps.

What is most interesting about Ethereum is that, unlike other blockchains, it can do much better. The reason is that it is a programmable software, which the developers can utilize to build new kinds of applications.

Now the question arises about how to use it for Ethereum investment by investors? Find the answer to your question below.

How to Use Ethereum?

Using it is easy for anyone who has a computer or a smartphone, as long as he/she owns Ether (the Ethereum value or currency).

The reason Ether is important for using this platform is that it possesses a unique code. This code allows it to update transactions in the public ledger known as the blockchain.

Now, to obtain Ether you first need a space to store it securely. And here we come across the term Ethereum wallet. It is basically a place to store your currency  securely.

Worried about buying Ethereum?

The method to buy Ethereum (Ether) varies according to country or currency.

  • Buying Ether with another country can be done by meeting-in-person. This means buying and selling Ether through exchange platforms, apparently with dollars or bitcoins.
  • Moreover, obtaining ether through another currency might require an extra step. You might be required to first convert that currency into bitcoin and then trade that for Ether, with some transaction fees.

Once you obtain Ether, you can use Ethereum by storing it in the wallet.

What are the Risks of Ethereum usage?

The first step to good risk management is to know the risk associated with a system, their probability, and severity.

The risks can possibly come from threats of project failures, financial market uncertainties, credit risks, etc.

Ethereum is also more likely to share the same risks as associated with Bitcoins.

However, in spite of several risks attached, it has several benefits associated with it for its traders and investors.

What are the Benefits of Ethereum?

It allows its users to build and execute smart contracts. This makes it easy to complete transactions and distribute applications that are autonomous without third-party involvement.

It provides developers with a comprehensive set of tools to build applications that are decentralized.

It is different from other apps as it creates a new kind of digital asset or money.

It also does not have any government intervention and is uncensorable or unstoppable.

Many applications are built on Ethereum by developers like financial applications, cryptocurrency wallets, decentralized markets, games, etc. These applications have helped investors and traders to earn profits.


Q – Where to Buy Ethereum?

A – Ether, the currency of Ethereum can be bought from several exchange platforms like Coinbase, Kraken, Etoro, BitPanda, etc.

Q – When is Ethereum Proof of Stake happening?

A – Although the proof of stake Ethereum was set for January 2020, but this deadline is now missed and there’s no idea of its launch by PoS.

Q – Is Ethereum Dead?

A – Although, the cryptocurrency market is volatile and it’s difficult to do Ethereum price prediction. However, people are speculating Ethereum price to drop down

Q – Will Ethereum rise?

A – According to some sites, the price of it is expected to rise in 2020. Although it might not skyrocket steady rise might be observed.

Q – Will Ethereum Recover?

A – As long as people are using this applications, it is likely not to disappear too soon. The price is slowly recovering.

Q – How Ethereum Works?

A – When a user sends a message to Ethereum with transaction fees, it runs a smart contract code. This application then executes and interprets those contracts by the network.

Q – What are Ethereum Tokens?

These are digital assets that are built on top of blockchain. They strengthen it’s ecosystem of by driving demand for its currency Ether.

Q – Will Ethereum Overtake Bitcoin?

Even though the market is volatile, and Ether is a clear competitor of Bitcoin, there is room for both, but still it can’t Overtake Bitcoin.

Q – Is Ethereum Going Up?

A – Despite several declines in prices, 2020 has been a great year for cryptocurrencies. The overall cryptocurrency market has gained upward momentum.

Q – Should I invest in Ethereum?

A – Ethereum is good at creating smart contracts and it is a good investment and trading if the investors are willing to invest cryptocurrencies beyond bitcoins.

Q – Is Ethereum the Future?

A – It is the second most popular in cryptocurrency after bitcoins and its price is speculated to do really well. So there are chances that it can do well in the future too.

Q – Is Ethereum Safe?

A – Yes! It is considered to be a safe investment when compared to other cryptocurrencies. It is also one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in the future.

Q – How Ethereum Mining Works?

A – It is a process that uses Proof-of-Work as a competitive activity undertaken by miners. This process is similar to Bitcoin Mining.


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