Which Cryptocurrency will survive?


I am interested in cryptocurrencies because of the crypto being an unregulated currency and without any investment limit. I am doubtful for my investment in because I first want to know which cryptocurrency will survive. Will cryptocurrency survive?

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  1. Due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market pertaining to the current situation, there are three cryptocurrencies that are known to survive. They are:

    Bitcoin because it is the first, original, and the most recognizable and valuable of all cryptocurrencies. Due to the extensive infrastructure that has been built across the globe as miners became incentivized to mine bitcoin, I believe that Bitcoin’s value will never sink below the current cost of mining the block (in electricity and equipment payback).

    Ethereum because this token, which is also a consumable commodity, provides the backbone of many crypto projects (ERC-20), and has the significant-top of awareness by the crypto community—essentially the digital ‘silver’ to the digital ‘gold’ of Bitcoin: lower value, less shine and luster, however, an industrial usage that extends further than it’s ‘shinier’ brother.

    Thirdly, Binance Coin is my third top cryptocurrency because of its usefulness as a token (paying Binance transaction fees) of the top (by volume, coins, liquidity) cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Similar to how Ethereum powers many of the currencies in existence, Binance provides the structure for buyers and sellers to connect and exchange the numerous coins. The fact that they have a built-in ‘demand’ for their coin (which is consumable) demonstrates the value and long-term prospects of this coin.

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