Which Cryptocurrency is most accepted?


There are a lot many cryptocurrencies in the market like ripple, etherium, lifecoin, etc. Which cryptocurrency basically is most accepted amongst all?

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  1. Alex

    Bitcoin expanded it’s currency in the digital world on internet since 10 years. Since then, it has continued to be the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. It allows users to transfer money from one digital wallet to another with ease. Each such transaction is then verified by other users and recorded on the public ledger, known as blockchain.

    Reasons behind Bitcoin’s popularity are:
    Although it fluctuates, its price is high which is significantly higher than other cryptocurrencies that exist.
    Major companies have started to accept Bitcoins. These include Microsoft, Overstock.com, and more.
    Bitcoin is easy to set up as it is supported by the most notable exchanges and digital wallet platforms, such as Coinbase. This makes it easier for the investors to invest in it.

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