When to Buy and Sell Crypto?


Cryptocurrencies have a volatile trend, and which is why it really becomes difficult for investors and traders to decide the time. When to buy and sell cryptocurrency?

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  1. Buy when rates are lower
    There isn’t any fixed strategy to decide when to buy a cryptocurrency. It’s hard to guess the prize performance in the next hour or the following day. Informed guesses based on analysis can only give you enough of information to transact. Meanwhile, there’s another way you can consider entering the market: when the price of a famed virtual coin rates are lower than its average historical projection.

    There are also cryptocurrency specific websites that provide a “moving average” table that explains the best possible points to get into or leave the crypto market. Avoid making any purchases wheile the price is peaking. Instead, you should wait for it to settle and then buy it after the sell-off point.

    Sell during the time of sudden peak

    To sell your crypto coins, you need to consider your finances, tax consequences, risk tolerance, and the reason why you invested initially in crypto.

    The best risk-free time, according to researchers for trading digital coins would be the following week in which the price suddenly increased at more than 20% and sell another after a week.

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