What will ethereum be worth in 2020?


Since the cryptocurrency market is quite volatile, it really interests me to know what will be the worth of ethereum in 2020?

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  1. The cryptocurrency market is one of the most volatile industries in the world, with prices often going up and down without any clear reason as to why. However, when I analyze price predictions, I think the most important things to consider are real-world events.

    This includes things like regulations, future developments, improved technology, and partnerships. On the other hand, other people prefer to use chart analysis to predict the future, so it’s up to you which method you’d prefer to trust.

    Ethereum is the first and original smart contract blockchain project, which is why it has been the second most popular cryptocurrency for so long. People not only trust the platform, but they know that the team is really talented. Therefore, I think that Ethereum will always be the number one smart contract platform.

    However, there is no guarantee, simply because the developers really need to sort out Ethereum’s scalability problems. It’s great that they are working on lots of different ideas, but if they take too long or it’s not successful, then other blockchains could take over.

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