Should cryptocurrency be regulated?


Since I know about cryptocurrency, being a resident of Manchester, that these are not regulatory bodies, which has its own pros and cons, I just wish to know whether crypto currencies should be regulated or not? I want to know your opinion, should cryptocurrency be regulated?

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  1. Though, cryptocurrency is not centrally regulated by any government, so every government is taking different approaches to regulate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
    There are several areas of regulation that look like they’re coming pretty quickly. These include reporting for tax purposes and regulating initial coin offerings the way that securities are regulated.

    Even though the actual buying and selling of cryptocurrency with blockchain technology are extremely secure, humans are involved in the trading, the exchanges, and the initial offerings. That means that fraud is already happening.

    New Bitcoin regulations have the power to change the cryptocurrency market. But most analysts think that that’s going to be in a good way — at least over the course of time. Let’s take a look at what’s going on now what may happen in the future.
    Cryptocurrency regulation has the potential to make the market much safer. It will still likely be a risky investment, but with protections for investors, it’s less likely that the market will be able to face as much outside manipulation.

    Overall, this is a good thing for people who want to invest in cryptocurrency. Safer markets mean more public confidences, which often means prices go up over time.

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