Is PayPal a Cryptocurrency?


I have done transactions through paypal a lot many time. And now since i have a keen interest in knowing more about cryptocurrencies and probably becoming it’s investor, I would like to know the basic difference between both. Is paypal a cryptocurrency?

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  1. Summary: Before cryptocurrency, PayPal was one of the medium for digital transferring of cash, but it isn’t a cryptocurrency.

    PayPal is a behemoth in the online payments market, and bitcoin is often billed as the currency of the future. Naturally, they’ve attracted a lot of attention as options for international money transfers.

    In case of bitcoin, the Exchange rates will vary depending on which service you use. While PayPal gets wholesale rates from banks and a 2.5% margin. Paypal has a limit of maximum transfer amount to $ 10000 per transaction and on the other hand, bitcoin has no such limits.

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