Is Ethereum Going Up?


As a person who has an interest in cryptocurrencies and the Ethereum work, I wish to know whether Ethereum will go up or not? Will it show an upward trend?

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  1. Ether is simply a product of Ethereum. Ethereum is actually a huge computing network which enables anybody to build a decentralized application. A business, if it decided that it needed a blockchain developed solution, could employ a programmer to build that on the Ethereum platform.

    Ether, while associated with the Ethereum platform, is capable of performing the same function as Bitcoin. Whether or not it does so is simply a factor of the parties to any transaction determining whether or not Ether has any value to them.

    As we have seen, governments are beginning to put restrictions on cryptocurrencies, concerned that their citizens are speculating on something which their governments perceive they do not understand. While this could impact Ether, Ethereum wouldn’t be affected. If governments put restrictions on cryptocurrencies including Ether, businesses will still be able to use the Ethereum platform for things such as payment services, which banks and many other entities are doing already.

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