Is Cryptocurrency Worth It?


I have been a general investor where there is a central bank’s major participation. I recently came to know about cryptocurrency and wish to know if it is worth it? Is it worth investing in cryptocurrencies in 2020?

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  1. At the present time of uncertainty and troubles, where the world is struggling.
    There is this situation where the USD and the leading stocks of the US are losing their value, many investors are seeking safety and security, which they seem to find only in gold and cryptocurrencies.

    Cryptocurrencies are associated with many stories, since the beginning, with bitcoin being the first. Some succeeded and some failed in bagging huge profits and faced losses. There are many assumptions made by many investors in ascertaining if cryptocurrencies are worth investing or not.

    Well, apart from the many criticisms it is very clear that cryptocurrencies do have a future in investment. There is no denying fact that where there is an investment, there is a risk, but you can’t even deny that where there is a risk, there is gain, and so is with cryptocurrencies.

    Based on many researches, and my marked observations, I firmly believe that yes cryptocurrencies are worth the investments. And just like any other investment, it must be first analysed and made proper research and conclusion before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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