How to Trade Cryptocurrency?


I am a businessman and going through the market trend of cryptocurrencies, i have developed an interest in investing in it. Since i’m new , I wish to know how can I trade cryptocurrency?

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  1. Cryptocurrencies can basically be traded in two ways, either by buying and selling through Exchange Platforms or by trading cryptocurrencies through CFD (Contract for Difference) trading account.

    For Cryptocurrency Trading through Exchange Platforms

    First, you need a Cryptocurrency wallet, which is a place to store your cryptocurrencies. Currencies can either be stored in the the exchange wallets or can be bought externally to store currencies.
    Next is to Verify your account details and fund your account
    Now you are all set to go to buy your currency

    For Cryptocurrency Trading through CFD Trading account.

    This type of cryptocurrency trading require market price speculation and does not require ownership of currencies t trade in it.

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