How to Start Cryptocurrency Trading?


Cryptocurrency is gaining grounds and in future, there’s a possibility that people would prefer choosing this currency over the physical currencies. For that matter, as a beginner, how to start cryptocurrency trading?

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  1. The four essential steps to help you in cryptocurrency trading is:

    Choosing an exchange platforms. There are several platforms of exchange you can choose. Like a Coinbase, Bitfinex, Binance, Coinmama, Bittrex, etc.

    Being a beginner however, it is essential for you to choose the trusted and easy to understand medium. Coinbase can be a better start to help you learn better.

    You need to register into it and then fund it. While registering you will be asked your personal identity details and once that Will be verified, you can fund your account.

    The next step is to choose a cryptocurrency wallet, which is a tool that allows you to store your currencies. Some of the multicurrency wallets include Exodus, Jaxx Wallet, Coinomi, etc. But for beginners it is better to use Coinbase wallet.

    Next is to read market and the trend properly before starting to trade.

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