How to buy XRP?


I am new to cryptocurrency world and I wish to buy XRP. How can I buy XRP?

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  1. Ripple is a global system of payments, settlements, and exchange. It aims to improve on current banking systems. The two issues with banks today that Ripple hopes to improve are:

    Slow transaction times
    Expensive cross-border payments
    Ripple is very different to truly decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It has been designed to work with banks, rather than to replace them.

    To Buy XRP

    Head to Coinbase and click sign up.
    Fill in the registration page.
    When registered, you need to add your bank account details.
    Then, to buy Bitcoin, click the “Buy/Sell” tab as shown below.
    You then need to enter the amount of XRP you would like to buy.
    Choose your payment method and enter your details to complete the sale.
    Click on the “Accounts” tab and you should see the amount of XRP you just bought in your wallet.

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