Will Bitcoin Go Up?


The cryptocurrencies have a nature of volatility. Although Bitcoins have been popular among many cryptocurrencies, Will Bitcoin go up?


Will Bitcoin Go Up?

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  1. Summary: According to the studies, approximately 72% of the market of Bitcoin futures is taking a long position. It means that many of the traders are expecting that the price of the Bitcoins will go up.

    The investors of Bitcoins are gearing up for the long awaited 2020 halving, which is a supply squeeze that will see the newly created Bitcoin numbers are cut by half.

    As the market weighs, whether bitcoin’s third supply cut is priced in, some cryptocurrencies have assumed that the Bitcoin price is likely to climb high.

    It has been scheduled to continue Bitcoin halving approximately once, every 4 years, until the twenty-one billion of maximum supply is reached.

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