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I am interested in cryptocurrencies and new to them. Lately, I have gained much knowledge in it and wish to know when is the right time to buy cryptocurrencies? When to buy cryptocurrency?

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  1. Summary: Cryptocurrencies are the virtual currencies where transactions are recorded in a public ledger called blockchain technology. Since the market is very volatile, before investing in it or buying, it is important to study the market and the price trend in detail along with proper analysis.

    If you’re a buyer of cryptocurrency then you want the lowest price.

    And the lowest price in the day comes at around 3 pm-4 pm and 11 pm-12 am.
    They’re the cheapest entry points.

    Every year there are variations in crypto market conditions between:

    A bull market or a bear market
    The number of traders
    The cryptocurrencies available to trade
    News and updates released to the market
    The type of exchange being used to trade

    But whatever happens, the price fluctuation follows a similar pattern.
    And despite cryptocurrency’s significant increase in value over the past few years, it’s price fluctuations stay the same.

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